ISIS - Irish Soil Information System


New ISIS system presented to stakeholders
The new Irish Soils Information system (Phase 1) has been presented to the EPA and International Steering Committee

International Year of Soils 2015
The FAO have declared 2015 as International Year of Soils. More details here.

Find out about the ISIS team
The ISIS project was undertaken for EPA by scientists from Teagasc and Cranfield University. Find out more abou

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New Soil Data Needs Survey launched

A Soil Data Needs survey has been launched by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The overall objective of ISIS is to produce a harmonized soil map of Ireland at a scale of 1:250,000 with an associated web-based soil information system in the public domain. It is proposed to add value to the existing Irish Soil Information System project, by producing standardised soil attribute maps for use by a wide variety of research, policy and land use stakeholders. The Soil Data Needs survey (accessed here) seeks to gather information on how users and stakeholders intend to utilise soils information and how the outcome of the ISIS project can best serve these needs.