Irish Soil Information System


Soil Fertility matters!
Teagasc will host the National Soils Fertility Conference in the Clonmel Park Hotel, Tipperary, Oct 16th, 2015.

International Year of Soils 2015
The FAO have declared 2015 as International Year of Soils. More details here.

Irish Soils Information System - Phase 1 complete!
The new Irish Soils Information system (Phase 1) was successfully launched by Minister Brendan Howlin at Johnstown Castle, Wexford on Sept 15th, 2014

Find out about the Irish Soils Information System team
The Irish Soils Information System project was undertaken for EPA by scientists from Teagasc and Cranfield University. Find out more about the team here.

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Through the Project web site you are able to access a range of downloadable products providing access to legacy historical soil survey activities in Ireland, as well as direct outputs from the Irish Soil Information System project itself, which has led to the production of the new national soil map for Ireland. In addition to accessing relevant projects documents, you are also able to access the data as a digital data service, such that it can be integrated into your own analyses and web applications. This is achieved through the project's web ‘Application Programming Interface’, or API.

The following data are made available here for free. Please refer to the Terms of Use before downloading and using this information.


Information is available for soil representative profile site and horizon information, including field observations and analytical determinations made in the soil laboratory. Data is returned as JSON data structure that can be used by JavaScript and other web programming languages for direct access to the data. Data will also be made available in CSV format. Please refer to the Terms of Use before downloading and using this information.

Full list of soil associations get_all_associations.php
Full list of soil series get_all_series.php
Individual soil association - full details get_associations.php?assoc_id=<association id>
Individual soil series - full details get_series.php?series_id=<series id>
Full soil series details plus representative site and horizon information get_series_full.php?series_code=<series_id>

A downloadable guide to the data included in the services listed above is available here.


The following data downloads are made available here for access. These files may be subject to change as our products are further developed. Please refer to the Terms of Use before downloading and using this information.

Project soils data

Guidance on the use of these shapefiles is included with each zip file, in the file labelled IrishSoilMap_Readme.txt, or you can view the usage guidelines here.

Dataset File format Download link
All of Ireland Shapefile ING (94MB)
Northern region Shapefile ING (19MB)
Southern region Shapefile ING (34MB)
Eastern region Shapefile ING (32MB)
Western region Shapefile ING (38MB)

Historical legacy soils data

County/Region County Report County Maps
Cavan n/a n/a
Clare (15MB)
Donegal (15MB)
Dublin n/a n/a
Galway n/a n/a
Kildare (12MB)
Kilkenny n/a n/a
Laois (17MB)
Leitrim (34MB)
Limerick (20MB)
Longford n/a n/a
Louth n/a n/a
Mayo n/a (12MB)
Monaghan n/a n/a
Offaly (20MB)
Roscommon n/a n/a
Sligo n/a n/a
Tipperary (14MB)
Waterford (14MB)
Westmeath (13MB)
Wexford (21MB)
Wicklow n/a n/a

Project Reports

The project technical reports are accessible through the links below. Please refer to the Terms of Use before downloading and using this information. The primary formal project reports with full, searchable metadata are hosted on the EPA SAFER website

Project Technical Reports

Report Download link
SIS Synthesis Report Integrated Synthesis Report
SIS Final Technical Report 1 Interim classification, Harmonisation and Generalisation of County Soil Maps of Ireland
SIS Final Technical Report 2 Interim Classification and Rationalisation of soil series in Ireland
SIS Final Technical Report 3 Soilscapes for Terra Cognita Ireland
SIS Final Technical Report 4 Soilscapes Extrapolation (Terra Incognita) Ireland
SIS Final Technical Report 5 Predictive Mapping
SIS Final Technical Report 6 User Guide for Representative Soil Profile data capture system
SIS Final Technical Report 7 Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures
SIS Final Technical Report 8 Correlation of the Irish Soil Classification System to World Reference Base 2006 system
SIS Final Technical Report 9 National Soil Series Description and Classification of Representative Profiles
SIS Final Technical Report 10 Soil Profile Handbook
SIS Final Technical Report 11 Methodology for the Validation of predictive mapping
SIS Final Technical Report 12 Multiple Classifier System
SIS Final Technical Report 13 Irish Soil Information System Legend
SIS Final Technical Report 14 Systems Analysis and Design
SIS Final Technical Report 15 SISCore Data Model
SIS Final Technical Report 16 Building the Database
SIS Final Technical Report 17 User Guide for Systems Management